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American Truck Simulator

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About the game:

Before you start your career as a ground logistics manager, you will first have to create your profile. You will choose your avatar, your name, your preferred truck, and your company logo. You will then choose your difficulty level (the higher, the more realistic).Before you start your multi-million dollar logistics company, you will first have to complete quick jobs using provided trucks. You will have to earn at least $100,000 before buying your first truck.As the player completes jobs and levels up, they will unlock skills. Skills can be used to upgrade fuel efficiency and long distance cargoes as well as unlocking hazardous, fragile, and important deliveries.Eventually, once you gain enough, you can buy a new garage or upgrade your original, which will allow you to store more trucks. From this point you can hire NPC drivers from a recruitment agency and provide each with a truck from a truck dealership to earn even more cash.A feature that has been unique in American Truck Simulator is that truckers have to choose where to unload the cargo they are hauling when they reach the destination depot, a function that has been introduced later to Euro Truck Simulator 2. A "desired spot" (which gives out more experience points but is harder to park) and a "safe spot" (easier to park but with fewer experience points) are usually available at every depot. Alternatively, the trucker can skip parking with the price of forfeiting all parking experience points.

American Truck Simulator Mobile for Android and iOS

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