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Animal Revolt Battle Simulator MOD

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About the game:

Animal Revolt Battle Simulator is the ultimate physics-based battle simulator sandbox! Place two opposing armies made of different types of beasts and watch them tear each other apart in an epic battle! As the creatures fight, you can see the limbs bending, necks twisting, and bodies flying around everywhere! This sandbox game simulates accurately the war between the most powerful animals and warriors, to show the you wonderful battling sandbox!Huge variety of creatures: T-Rex, spinosaurus, triceratops, tiger, bear, elephant, rhinoceros, werewolf, minotaur, wyvern, hydra, spartan warrior, archer, titanoboa, giant crocodiles, hellhound, giant insects, skeleton warriors and many more units to play with! Dinosaurs, fantasy creatures, mutant primates, demonic monsters, ancient monsters, you can find it all here!You can totally even attach weapons to the animals! Put some huge guns, rocket launchers, and crossbows on a T-Rex and watch the havoc it wreaks!

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