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Match Masters MOD

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About the game:

Match Masters gives the most popular mobile gaming genre a competitive twist. It’s a match-3 puzzle game with friends and random players from around the world. You will play against random opponents, matching 3 or more pieces of the same color and scoring points. The player who has a higher score at the end of the game wins a match. You and your opponent will also be using boosters to score bonus points.The game’s 1 vs. 1 match-3 puzzle competitions are extremely fast-paced and challenging. Here’s how to play Match Masters:Players need to match 3 or more pieces of the same color to score points. The player who scores max points wins the game.There are four rounds in a match-3 competition. Both you and your opponent will get a chance to match pieces and score points in each round. Points in each round are totaled up and the player who scores higher at the end of the fourth round is declared the winner.Each player has two moves per round. Make the most of each move and try to match as many pieces as possible.A piece carries 1 point. The more pieces you match, the more points you will score.You will get an extra move if you match 4 or more pieces of the same color. Note that the max number of moves is two, so you will just retain a move once you obtain the extra move.Turns are time restricted. You will have to finish your move before the blue bar diminishes completely. The “Your Turn” bar will slowly decrease until it moves to the extreme left. Once it does, your time’s up and you will lose a move.

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